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Manner Of Manners
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Manner Of Manners

Poem By Frederick Francis

Two wrongs may not make a right
But three wrongs means you’re on a roll.
Let my apprehension flow out with the tide.
Why not put one more to the final toll?
If you’re not tempted, just once more you lied.
At least I can be honest about dishonesty.
Behind my politeness I don’t cower and hide.

The way a prisoner would stare transfixed
At the ocean as it extends beyond the window bar.
Tension mounts the longer the temptation exists.
Preparing to pounce I move closer from a far,
A cat to dancing yarn, I can’t resist,
When I realize that this cat stands alone,
That my conformity ceases to persist.

Some people may say I am not proper.
I would reply politeness is just not me.
Ethics are important but cordiality I find
Far to restricting; I prefer to be free.
One can be polite and completely un-kind.
For this exercise in the inane I haven’t patience,
I’ll happily exist in the social rind.

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Comments (2)

Hello, Frederick: This piece is intriguing. I liked the word-picture ‘A cat to dancing yarn’. But the line that really stood out is ‘One can be polite and completely un-kind’. I can tell that you do like poetry but why is it ‘the furthest thing from my profession’. May I ask your profession? I too am a Canadian; living and teaching in the States. I am told that there is a lot of Canadian flavor in my poetry. You might enjoy 'The Cat Is Free'. Adeline
I enjoyed reading this piece. My favorite is the middle stanza. Thanks