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Many A Time
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Many A Time

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Many a time
Many a time
My thoughts linger
As I create a single pandemonium
From my awful imagination

I could be a killer, a stripper
If you were not here
Watching me with your weary eyes

I could be the thief
In the mist of friends
Dying of a cancer
To your unknown oblivion

Many a time
I cry in the comfort of my silence
Knowing fully well
That my burden is immense

Many a time I keep wondering
If you are actually there
For I keep on praying
Hoping that you can hear

Send me a miracle
Through anyone of your disciples
Make me once more stable
With your assistance
I am confident that I will be capable
Of turning my table
But I need you to give me that chance

Many a time
I ask myself
Why I am actually here
I do not have that answer
I fear
What I do know is that I care
I care enough to want you as my pair

It is you I want to emulate
And if I were to elaborate
My present state of view
Is that it is you that I rate

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