AM (02-12-88 / Burlington Vermont)

Many Choices

All the pain,
Won't go away,
Feels like yesterday.

It plays over and over,
In my head,
One shot,
And I'd be dead.

Take the shot,
Make it good,
If only I,
Wasn't misunderstood.

Take the rope,
Tie a noose,
Not to tight,
Not to loose.

Slit the wrists,
Watch them bleed,
All the pain,
You wouldn't believe.

Many choices,
which to choose,
Either way,
I won't lose.

Jan.11th 2006

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Amanda, I've just posted a comment about 'One shot' which I read before this one. Poetically, I'll say the same thing: very well-told and neatly-rhymed. On a personal level (me speaking to you as a person rather than as a poet, I mean) , I can only hope that you're not telling a true story. Take care, Gina.