Many Faces Of Love

Love has many faces like the waves of an ocean
Only more intimate and baffling than that
But as the turmoil stops and waves becomes ocean
Calm water once again appears in the front

Outlooks of a person are reflected in his living
And those in turn is a reflection of Love
Although the exterior emotions appear diverse
Deep down inside, the guiding force is Love

Emotions as waves modify the faces of Love
And passionate ego often reigns in the game
While under the desire-waves persists only Love
Playing games and making us liable in the end

Role of pure love is to love for the sake of love
Without yielding to the will of our egotist ego
Then the ego turns to love and surrenders within
When ego becomes numb only pure love remain

Love is simply realized by living a truthful life
Since Love and Life is basically one and the same
And all facet of life is powered by our love within
Since life is merely a parade of love-seeking game

by Tushar Ray

Comments (7)

Love is the key! Life is the way; moving along the waves of nature. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Love for the sake of love excellently expressed and creatively captured in this beautiful poem!
beautiful poem. Living life under the guiding light of love is essence of a life well lived. Thank you for sharing.
Nice poem on love. You have well explained the different faces of love in this poem.
What a beautiful poem on love! ........10
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