(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Many Generations

The fir tree,
The pine tree,
The box tree,
Of a joy for many generations!
But, lift up your eyes around you;
And, see the rams of Nebayoth.

Instead of bronze, give me gold;
Instead of rion, give me silver;
Instead of wood, give me precious stones! !
And, let me learn the righteous laws of life.

This muse,
Very soft and delicate!
This life,
Very sweet and precious!
But, your financial ruin is now noted to us;
And, we have to find a way of helping you.

The darkness will cover the earth,
For, time is passing by;
But, the eyes are very weary with longing!
And like, the act of coming in and going out.

To be the head but not the tail,
To bake the bread and to post the mail;
But, do not suck the milk of the gentiles!
For, life is always about the truth.

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Life is always about the truth. good poem. thanks.