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Many, Many Tears
CS (March 30-1950 / Magnolia, Arkansas)

Many, Many Tears

Poem By Carolyn Sears

As I awaken this morning at dawn
And the sun began to rise,
I walked on my porch to look toward
For I knew something was strange
When I awaken,
I thought I seen a beautiful angel
All dressed in white,
She smiled as she spoken to me
Her words were sad and tears filled
My eyes..

She said she came to take my father
Home to heaven
I began to cry,
For I did not want my father to leave
I walked back inside with tears streaming
Down my face..
My father seen my tears and ask me
Not to cry..

For he knew he was going to a beautiful
Paradise beyond the clouds in the sky
He told me the angel dressed in white
Was my mother..
And he loved her so..
My father said to me
Now I had an extra angel added to help
Watch over me..

His last words to me, was not to worry
And shred tears..
He loved his children
And would always be by our side..
He looked up toward heavens and
Closed his eyes..
And went to his new home in beyond
The sky..

I could not fight the tears, but
I know He’s in a better place..
I miss him something awful and
Tears fill my eyes..

Now my brother join my father and
My mother..
It seems so hard a thing to bear..
I Love you my father..
But, why did you take my brother
In the days of such dismay,
For I loved him so...
The burden weight down with such
Heavy force..

Much morer burden to bear..
Now they all in heaven’s paradise
With my mother and God..
Tears still fill eyes and my heart
Weights heavy..
They say time will take away all the

And fill the empty void in my heart
But right now, I certainly can’t tell..
For days, weeks the months into years
Just keep passing by,
And the tears keep falling
Oh’ how I missed them

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this is very sad but it is good! ! !