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Many Men

so many guys have come into my life
not one has decided to make me his wife
i sit here waiting patiently to see
only to discover a wife i may never be
why do i yearn for this commitment
why do i live my days with resentment
can i be happy with what i have
or will i always stress about the wrong path
will i stop letting these guys sleep with me
release their seeds in me
can i accept a queen is what i'm meant to be
instead of destroying my soul
i need to practice self control
a wife is what i say i want to be
but when i look in the mirror u know what i see
a slut, a 304, a hooker, a tramp
not even worth a 2 cent stamp
my body is now full of semen
still not knowing loves true meanin
will love ever come my way
will i ever have my own wedding day
i need to love myself
care more about my health
and not be pressed about a man's wealth
my life is really simple
now that i've discovered my body is a temple
see i will not let a man define me
but i will ask the Lord to set my soul free
if a wife is what i am meant to be
the Lord will send that special man to me
but as a i sit and wait
i've decided not to have s*x on the 1st date
so many guys have come into my life
but i am no longer pressed to become a wife
my soul has finally been set free
and all praises to the Lord who accepts me for me

by Kisha Banks

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With faith you will find love, because the Lord is love indeed. The Lords Will will be done.