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Many Shades Of Green
CB ( / South Paris, Maine)

Many Shades Of Green

Poem By Carol Barker-Bettencourt

Spring is a new beginning, giving to the
many shades of green:
Starting out regrowth and new birth in
Many appear through shoots or buds, peeking
up from the earth,
Another year of new birth.
Summer, nature flourishes in growth,
while reaching for the sun,
In it's peak of beauty of the many shades
of nature.
For yet their change is not done.
Fall, nature changes into deeper colors,
and sheds her leaves,
Seed and pollen are carried by the breeze,
Landing in the cradle of mother earth.
Blending with the soil, to create and show
natures worth;
Winter nurtures and stores, while underground,
covered with a blanket of snow,
Waiting for the warmth of spring, for the seeds
to grow.

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