Morning Note 89

Good morning dear love
I pray you slept well
and felt all my love
and felt peace in your
dreams as I visited you there.
Oh my sweet love
I deeply adore you in every way.

Now on this morning
feel the sun and my smile
as they shine upon you
giving warmth in my infinite love,
take peace and solace
knowing I'm with you always.
I am your Angel
as you are mine.
I will give you my love
and protect you for all time.
You are my lady
my sweet Angel dove,
there isn't a thing
I wouldn't do for you.

I'm sending you great
big hugs and kisses to
help start your day.
Wrap up in the loving strength
that they bring,
feel my hand slip into yours
as I so tightly pull you in.
Know that I'll be with you today
and every other all of the way.
I love you so much my Angel bride,
I'm taking your hand my sweet Queen
and asking if you'll always be mine.

by Michael P. McParland

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