GH (April 24th / Penzance England)

Marazion Sea Wall

Each day goes by I wonder why
I sit and stare and gently cry
This solid wall reminds me sure
Our love I wanted to endure
A wall helps keep our foes at bay
But hides our heart so cannot stray

We build it high to keep us free
But freedom’s lease is misery
The granite cliffs were hewn and blown
Each placed by art as stone by stone
How quick the wall builds in height
Step by step to match our fright

This car of mine feels safe and sound
I ponder what my life has found
Alone and lost my car and me
I view the wall and raging sea
I threw away a treasure rare
Now hide behind this granite lair

The distant rock’s a mighty site
St. Michaels Mount bathed in light
On sunny days it’s charm is clear
When fog is bound then sailors fear
I view the scape and wonderous scene
The rock is what it’s always been

Solitude hits, I shed a tear
Saturday evening finds me here
Other’s sit alone in cars
No doubt they feel their iron bars
I’ve nowhere else to pass the time
My life was once so sublime

On New Years Eve a while ago
We came together hearts aglow
At this wall no sadness felt
My car was warm for hearts to melt
We danced in rain on stone and sand
The midnight hour close at hand

The wall, the sand, the flowing stream
On my back you didn’t scream
Marazion has my heart
My life with you did not start
This town was meant to be our nest
My love for you a fruitless quest

by Gerard Heathcote

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This is a beautiful, sad and evocotive poem Gerard - and a place so familiar to me who has been to that very spot many times - - but not suffering the same lonely time you were..... hope by now you have moved on, and have found happiness again....... best wishes from Fay.