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I'M Nowhere Going Now (From, Occasional Songs)

I'm nowhere going now,
I am feeling deep inside;
Can't connect somehow,
I am just walking alongside.
Day and night going though,
My life must move on;
It's so up to me and you,
What we manage to get done.

Rise and fall to you walking,
I will never let it go;
Here the pathways of the talking,
Take a different street or row.
You can't change how people think,
There will be so many views;
Like a shade out in a blink,
Take directions to right avenues.

I am in darkness I am deep,
Trying to reach the open sea;
What is inside I will keep,
You are you and I am me.
Nothing will forever amuse,
I can only give what I possess;
Time and moments may abuse,
To the limits of every excess.

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