March Around Juliet's Bier/ Too Late To Get Into A Rush

Open the casket
Stop this racket
And put me farther under ground
Where I will never hear sound
It’s a shame, I still exist
I know I’ll never end
I’m lost, running blind into the mist
In this grave, I’ve made a mistake
It’s already made; I’ve already destroyed what’s at risk
I’m ok, I’m brave but this is all I can take
So lord clip my wings
Let an a angel sing
Remove the sling
And crown me king
Give me right to marry who I want
Rid of these feelings that I can feel haunt
I’ve fallen in love, and I’m caught
Hanging from a tree, while my feet drop
Slipping at the knees, I hear the tree being chopped
I land and my hand bleeds, I see a woman in green
I kick around a tiny seed as she talks to me
She talks to me about life and dreams
“God isn’t real; a world without drugs is obscene”
She’s so beautiful, I just have to believe
We walk into a field of laurel and sunflowers
She tells me all the morals, to never glower
She takes my hand; we run to far away lands

You Saved Me, Ruined Me, Remade Me, Tore Me Down Again
Dug up my grave just to blame me for your every mistake
I’ll tell you my love for you, and then click send
But I know the hours of noon shall blend
Out of shape, Out of his sake
As we jump and scream
Like Fan’s at a concert
To the death of Juliet and her dreams
I love the taste of someone else’s hurt
And they all look like sarah
But feel like michella
And sound like jessica
But in the end, They taste just like you
Here comes the tears, That's your cue
to run in and tell me you love me
The only thing missing in your life
is me
I'm the dullest knife
I'm the words so clean
I'm the soap left between
The car seats
And when you sleep when you sin
I'll be the shadow across the street
Sipping snow and Drinking down something to make you forget
Freezeing to death with a ciggerete
People with the best lives, Write the worst poems
And the richest man, Lives in a home with no one
People that believe in god, Uselly die first
And the women with a child, Knows not the feeling of burnt
Affections for someone that doesn't care about them
Blame the world if you must
Tears of shame are leaveing rust
Lost my reason in a sudden gust
Tears of a storm about to combust
Too late to get into a rush

by Ray Mesa

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