A Message From My Heart

i miss you like hell
though hell knows nothing of missing you
my soul is the only soul on earth
that felt and knew how it feels to miss you

i was always here to help you
always here to catch you when you fall
but your heart always belonged to someone else
i might have had you once but i want you for all time

it is worth standing for hours
under the pouring rain in a dark night
to see your face and your enchanting eyes
cause this is all i'd ever want

won't you call, won't you go online
my restless breath missed you
my motionless heart is crying
my motionless dead heart is again dying

talk to me even if you won't love me
i understand, but stay by my side
hide the pain burning in my eyes
this burning pain that all my tears couldn't stop

by Ghina Albiek

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I live near his grave (where he, his child, and his wife are all buried) and visited it for the first time yesterday. Initially I only thought his daughter Margaret Emma was there and was searching with my friend amongst all the old worn headstones, as the sun had set it was pretty difficult considering all the moss and such. Anyway, after much searching, I looked up and was surprised to see the word 'Henley' on a large white memorial. It was a beautiful grave looking west (towards what the last red embers in the sky) , and had the final stanza of this poem engraved upon it.