In gym class many years ago, when I was
a twelve yeard old, Miss. Bertini decided to
make us all form a triangle.

The smaller girls would climb up on the palms
of the bigger girls to the top and the medium sized
girls would be on the bottom.

The pain of your existence is sometimes meted out
via 'group conscription'.

So, there on the hard marble gym floor Bertini made 3
of us girls kneel. Two of us White, then me the 'Black'

The pain was excruciating grief as our palms, knees
and wrists wobbled and other human beings were
allowed to walk along out backs and take their places.
It felt as if Hesphestus was pounding my body with an
iron mallet.

I was sore after that for two days.

But, I learned about contribution to society for
Black females and even some White female.
I learned even the lofty feminist sometimes has
movement towards using others in a brutal manner
as a base for her goals.

And, will reflect later, ' Did you like it? Was it fun?
I mean, you truly are a little small for it but you are
strong so you could handle it.'

But, remember. She will never let you walk along
her spine that way...

It simply is not the order of things.
This is how they will allow you to 'participate.'

by Romella Kitchens

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How sad and true. Keep it up Romella.