Margorie The Poetess

Margorie the poetess with brown eyes and raven hair
As a wordsmith and woman of letters few with her to compare
Though only in her early thirties she is wiser than most twice her age
As well as a poet she is a visionary and a wise female sage.

A woman of striking beauty and free of conceit and guile
She would win the heart of Satan with the warmth of her smile
She is happily unmarried and content in her single life
Though for one very lucky fellow she would make a marvellous wife

Margorie the wordsmith is a master of her trade
And 'tis true that poets are born and they cannot be made
A woman close to Nature she know the bird by his song
On bird calls and bird whistles she has yet to get it wrong.

Margorie the poetess is so good at what she do
And to the Goddess of Poesy she remains ever true
With talent and great beauty people like her are rare
And with Margorie our fine poetess who can hope to compare.

by Francis Duggan

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