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Poetic Masterpiece

Poetic Masterpiece - A Childbirth Of Profundity.
Like delivery of Divine Revelations
which favours calmness of wilderness;
It's brought forth in Creative-Glory-Of-Solitude:
An abode of Enlightenment in whose mirror of grace,
purest passions reflect out from shady reality -
To gratify inflamed curiosity of Inward-Eye,
as it wanders around source of enchantment,
seeking in expanded awareness to capture
the essence of a phenomenon shrouded in mystery.

In blessed serene mood with passionate intensity,
mind labours hard to replicate images
unveiled in the exalted realm of thought.
With illuminative wizardry that nudge limits of speech,
the wordsmith graced with breath of poetic creation
gives life to words -
Freeing them from rigid implications:
Soulful words that sway soul of the reader,
leaving the excited spirit with an enigma to ponder.
Such is the sublime nature of every Poetic Masterpiece.

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Comments (3)

it was a nice poem but i really did want a poem about the dangers of marijuana :)
I am 'under the influence' now. Since I am a white and American; if caught, I will not face the wrath of those 'of color'. We vote the deciders in. They do not represent the majority of their constituents. They will probably be reelected anyway.
It's a no brainer. You can come home each night and down a 12 pack, then arrive at work sober next morning. But if tested for THC and found positive to any degree; Your job and perhaps future are compromised. Only an idiot doesn't know why this is so.