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Marine Corps Boot Camp; March In Life's Parade

Marine Corps Boot Camp changes one and all
Drill sergeants makes you feel embarrassed and small,
They get in your face as you stand straight and tall
You’ll recognize his voice and rush to his call.

He’ll strive to train you; you’ll strive to obey
Take his orders like a man not take another way
If he tells you to dropp to the ground the only words you’ll say
Is “Yes Sir Drill Sergeant, ” discipline is there to stay.

Soon he will change the way you behave
Standing at attention toward the path that he has paved,
No longer a recruit that is tired and crazed
But are now a full fledged soldier standing tall and brave.

Your family are proud of you and the decision you've made
To join the Marine Corps and the strength you've displayed
Time can seem long but soon you’ll be dismayed
How quickly it has passed, you now march in life’s parade.

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