Now you are with threats
of threats within threats
stealing me: what is mine
by harming my child through the words with-
in drunken whores
her blue lying eyes
innovative solutions you have none of except:
Low blue balls that sway turning greener in-testis not...
Heart blue pressure a share of once the ten thousand
where when how you stare at the red dropp of
blood I left on the cat of Maurice his Paradise ride
never lost to me that night....
Her acidic sweaty bleached blond wore out falling
I drove the wheels off
pink low ride cadillac, she thought she is no longer was
your drunk pride..
Riderless drunken hussy tussled with wrong pride
she will now forever more be know as nothing
but a mat of faceless foot trodden skid marked sky..
Do you really want to get involved......nothing personal....

by James McLain

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