Mark's Last Poem.

When all i had of you,
is a memory and a picture i draw.
When i die thinking of you,
and even your name i don't know.
When i'm not even sure,
you ever knew me to love me.
When i'm ill but the cure,
was always there inside me.
All i had to do and i did,
is to walk over my own heart.
I loved you but i can't pretend,
to stay this way and torn apart.
I could have waited and waited,
but i knew you won't return.
My lonliness and pain overrated,
and you left me alone to burn.
I saw you in the sun,
but my night comes slowly.
So, i stare at you and cry,
unable to reach the one i loved.
Listening to love songs,
and lingering your smile,
the smile that gave my life a meaning..
I wrote all my poems about you,
and i used all the ryhmes possible,
that i can't find ryhmes to finish this one.
Maybe i'm over you and i pray,
never to see you again some day...

by Eman Awad

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