Mark Time

Poem By The Drifting Cowboy

Mark time was a big brown colt
With a body like a blue steel bolt
When I first seen him
I knew he would be mine
I would rub his body make it shine
His eye was wild and full of fright
But I knew my hand would make him right
I fed him on the sly, extra oats would make him smile
And he would nicker when I passed him by
A girl named Lee would come to see
The big brown she raised and talk to me
We knew it would be fun
When the colt would run
His race in the afternoon sun
The big colt knew it was time as he pranced in line
His body did glisten and how he did shine
My hand on his neck and his body close to mine
Everyone knew he was Mark Time
And a girl named Lee wanted the best place to see
When the colt showed the rest of the field the way to victory
The crowd was wild but not as wild as Lee and me
When the big Brown colt won very handily
Now the moon is a ghostly game on tossed on a cloudy sea
I sit and wonder where the girl named Lee and Mark Time might be
My hand doesn't touch the big brown colt anymore
But in my heart I hope he never gets sore
He's a winner and always will be with a girl named Lee
And The Drifting Cowboy—me

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I always appreciate a good old Cowboy poem!

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