Poem By Charles Murage

Market is not necessarily in a particular place like Gikomba, Kiriani or Gakindu.
Market is a group of buyers and sellers of a commodity in a close touch with one another.
There is a free market where demand and supply of a commodity apply.
There is a perfect market; -
(i)the product is homogeneous.
(ii)perfect knowledge by buyers and sellers
(iii)absence of transport costs
(iv) there is a large numbers of buyers and sellers.
There is also black market where government barns or restrict trade of certain commodity. all those are markets.

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In our day today life we need things or goods to sustain our life. Our demand is controlled by forces i.e, .
1. Our tastes. A muslim may not purchase pork or alcohol while a
scholar may prefer a good book to a cheap thriller(Jame Hardly
chase) .