I stand in a marketplace
Where goats wait
Tethered to the trees
Of neglect and sorrow
To be slaughtered
And carry with them
All bottled love, hate
And sorrow and things
Unknown from this life
Shopkeepers wait to profit
From someone's necessities
The customer's desires stem
From where
As a lover waits for his mistress
Amidst all hustle and bustle
Of this battle of life
Now the lady comes
They kiss in the dark
As I watch
Lodged in secret
I wonder
I question the
Purity of the actions
Of these lovers
And the person
Who but kills
From this world
Why, weren't the emotions
Of the goat
The holy confidence
Of the customer
For the glowing love
Of the shopman
For his thrift
Should I despise the
Secret romance of the
People in love
Or the shopman's
Thrift(secret sweet sin)
This world's echoes
Cannot tell me
For they are
Just like me
Bound by the 'morals'
Of the 'enlightened'
Ah.. Someone calls out
Don't look there
For they sin this world

by Amit Narayan Satpathy

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A lovely poem....Liked the poetic expression: For the glowing love/Of the shopman/For his thrift/Should I despise the/Secret romance of the/People in love......Thanks for sharing..10