Marking My Globe With Your Friendships

Poem By Mary Nagy

I bought myself a globe
that shows me where you are.
I like to see if you are near
or if you're very far.

I've cut out little flags
and on them write your names.
So many are so far away
but I love you just the same.

My globe is getting covered
with these little flags with pins.
I think what you've all taught me
is that friendship always wins.

I hope to have a pin
in every space I see.
It's interesting to think of you
so far yet dear to me.

Comments about Marking My Globe With Your Friendships

I do hope your globe is not an inflatable one.... Great poem, Mary and great idea as well H
Well I'm quite a bit Very nice Mary! ! !
Is mine a 'Union Jack' Mary? or is it a pretty coloured one. Lovely idea, Love Erenstine XXX
How sweet, he said, about 15 miles across the bay, to the east, from San Francisco! that's what that pain was. Mary, this is precious. I'm starting my day with a smile. avr

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