You're a one woman show
and you definitely glow,
as you parade
the esplanade.
Everyone's eyes connect
with magnetic effect,
and you're aware
whenever they stare.

Your subtle voice tones
are widely well known.
Whenever you speak
men become weak.
With your trendy hats
and clothes to match,
you wiggle as you move,
when you walk and groove.

You know how it works
with your tight fitting skirts,
and sexy blouses,
that always arouse us.
With every breath you take,
or step you make,
your heaving breasts
have no rest.

Anytime, or anywhere,
you show you don't care,
by blowing cigar smoke,
at those who spitefully joke.
You also point, and glare,
and curse, and swear,
at those who dare
scoff and stare.

Your rose coloured lips
take seductive sips,
to show how a temptress
goes out to impress.
Even the way you eat,
bring men to their feet.
No wonder sparks fly,
when you wink an eye.

All women and men,
yearn to see you again,
with your seductive sighs,
and come on eyes.
You are my world, and you inspire,
and fill me with a huge desire,
how could you ever believe
that I would want to leave?

by Orlando Belo

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