Poem By Sallie Howson

Year 1
Launching our boat
On the lake of life.
Two eager shipmates
Going wherever the gentle breeze
Takes us
Too caught in each other’s arms and eyes
To see where we are
Or care
Where we are heading.

Year 10
Rowing furiously,
Back to back.
On opposite shores
Trying desperately to free ourselves
From the other’s grip.

Year 25
Now we sit
Side by side,
Synchronised strokes
In our battered boat.
Basking in the warmth
Of unchallenging
As we enjoy the view
Of the journey we’ve shared.

Comments about Marriage

Sallie I love it. So typical of many a union with the first throes of discovery of one another without a care where it may be heading to the endurance of speed bumps and finally the sweet companionship....10
A beautiful job is done. Very nice composition.10 for it.
Very well done, Sallie. Ron
profound, beautiful thanks for sharing
A beautiful extended metaphor. Susie xx.

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4,5 out of 5
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