(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)


Before Marriage

A free life sportive like a fawn,
Or a flying bird in the limitless sky,
Time is mine from dusk to dawn,
And know not how to be shy.

After Marriage

A weighty life full of duties,
Like a fruitful but an old tree,
That is aware of all beauties,
And becomes grave like the sea.

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ha ha so true, a great writet short and to the point. this depicts life before and after marriage.
An expressive comprehensive view of things.... well observed... though if love prevails, it matters little.... thank you. Ruth Lavelle
I know the feeling! ! ! ...good expressive language...enjoyed this - SG
Fact of life... once something belongs to ourselves; appreciation is gone and take it for granted. I have to agree with poet and even though marriage is part of life; I presume love dies in commitment and temptation outside become so attractive and impulsive. WELL DONE! !
Before, after, then it really doesn't matter if there is love, thanks for sharing your thoughts
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