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(marriage) Equality..... [see The Title; Personal Fantasy; Humor? (Let Me Know) ]
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

(marriage) Equality..... [see The Title; Personal Fantasy; Humor? (Let Me Know) ]

I’m an American. So you know I KNOW about equality, right?
And I’m married. I strive for spousal equality with all my might!
Let me share with you how I help to keep my marriage EQUAL.
I’m so good at it that this is my 3rd marriage sequel.

[My wife’s a good wife, and so she does her fair share..... of the house work.
I’m a good husband, and I’m no slacker. Oh, NO! From MY chores I do not shirk.]

My wife makes our bed. I mess it up.
She washes plates and bowls. I wash my cup.
She washes our clothes. I say “Nice job.”
She hangs them on line. I tell her 'They’re dry.' I’m NO SLOB! ..... Oh, NO!

She cooks supper, though it’s sometimes late.
I eat every meal and even lick my plate.... and hers.
I turn on lawn sprinkler and she mows the lawn.....
though, to do so, she starts mowing at the crack of dawn......
(and wakes ME up!) .

The problem is she has a full-time job...... at a bank.
I have no “OUTSIDE” job. At regular jobs I stank.
But I’m glad that at home I can, and do, do my part.
I don’t, like SOME BUMS,.... just sit at home and fart.

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Hey, you must be doing something right when she allows you to do the " man" thing to perfection.... I can easily imagine feminists planning a little something to brighten up your future. Or maybe this is just self mockery and you're trying to conceal the fact that you happily do your fair share. Either way I enjoyed stopping by, Bri. Oh aye, your english doesn't by the way!
Full of wit and some.... as well that rhymes with it. And I've no stomach to read how you keep your marriage equal, Nor yet to read (if you're planning one more) to read the sequel. After reading so much ho-hum here, it is nice having some fun.
Thank for the tip. I well surely check out morning bride. Bcoz heaven has no fury sound intrestin
I have always bin terrible at spellin n grammar.I wil tak ur loud n clear as am getting beta at it
Well I guess that expkain how u weather calm. Thanks 4 taking d time read n comment on my poem
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