Marriage Is A Partnership

Poem By Ana Monnar

A bungalow door stood open wide
Inviting the wind and a humble heart
The man entered wishing for a family and home to reside
Yet no obligations did he wish to start
The bride was naive and wanted to please
Inexperience at first thinking marriage was a breeze
Until one day the bride’s blood pressure rose many degrees
Opened her eyes – for she was quite smart
Past the honeymoon period of lust and desire
What he mostly did was selfish and dry
Dirty underwear piling high which the spouse
wished to burn in a fire
The chap would also lie and defy
Instead of a companion to cherish and trust
Turned out to be unfair and unjust
The attraction and love went to dust and disgust
Fed up with all the turmoil and unhappiness
she whispered good-bye! ”
Anyone can marry, seduce and attract
Yet to conserve a happy union for years and a lifetime
A partnership of sharing responsibilities,
loving, consideration and caring is in the pact
Dedicating love and devotion around the clock, YES full-time
Yearning and longing, desiring a family life
Weighed, swayed the lack of agreement – did not want more strife
Finally realized that the vows meant husband and wife
Becoming conscious that a failure again
would be an unbearable crime
Memories of years of emptiness and
loneliness that seemed like a lifetime
Friends that matured and had a good life
Quickly determined that this chance of a
family and love should sublime
Cherished what was almost lost and that was his wife
Action, commitment and loyalty were no longer second nature
Dining, dating again became an adventure
Both were delighted and found profound pleasure
Music to their ears hearing drums and a fife

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