Marriage Is Like A Battery!

Poem By Yogi Sally Ann Slight

Marriage is Just like a battery,
when in full charge of Love,
for on the Right is the Positive,
Power packed by God above.

The negative is on the left,
but oh, this is not bad,
for a beautiful picture develops,
when the negative is loved by Dad.

Dad, He is your Father,
Jesus, is His Son,
So now welcome in your big brother,
your Life has just begun.

Now Marriage is just like a battery,
and when you turn it on,
it looses some vital energy,
and when its gone its gone.

So waste none on lust for another,
Just keep your Love so true,
for Gods battery is rechargeable,
and will bring true Love back to you.

For when you feel temptation pull,
your gaze toward another,
just remember then you gotta live,
with the verbal from Loves Mother.

For only those who's Marriage,
has proceeded down Gods path,
can see the energy depleting,
when you Love another's laugh.

To look longingly at another,
wishing they were yours,
removes energy from your power pack,
when all they want are scores.

You are an innocent in their sordid game,
they have no Love for you,
but to Love the sinner and not the sin,
will bring the energy 'they' you!

For Knowledge is now the Power,
and to keep God's Love within,
is to Know them and their tempting ways,
it will release 'you' of 'their' sin!

For sin, it can be transmitted,
just like a virus or the flu,
and yes, if you keep on looking,
it will be the death of you!

So listen to my story,
for I lost my hubby see,
'cos I was more than interested,
in the other that was not he.

The grass was always greener,
and motor bikes were bigger too,
and the money kept on coming in,
when I lived deep in the poo!

Now, don't you think that its all my doing,
please don't judge me from above,
for hubby too had a dally or two,
and that hurt both hearts in Love.

But we not knowing how to Pray,
and not knowing of the Lord,
sent us apart and left the children,
with very little to afford.

And only when I eventually found Jesus,
or rather, He found Me,
could I start to understand,
all the Love inside of We.

Jesus brings a second chance,
'your' choice to live or die,
and if you take up work for him,
then you will never live a lie.

Now, dying isn't leaving!
you're stuck here in the poo,
and nothing seems to happen,
all your dreams...will not come true!

Only Jesus, Knows the Father,
Only Jesus, is your Friend,
and all your bought temptation,
will turn upon you in the end.

Firstly, seek Forgiveness from the Father,
through His Son, you hold His hand,
Ask for Jesus now to guide you,
and bring Peace again to stand.

Then return again to family,
ask Forgiveness from them too,
and if you 'think' YOU are not worthy,
then YOU become a not worthy you!

YOU are the sinner, not the others,
so all the asking is from YOU,
for everything you think they are doing,
YOU are doing to them too!

Now, YOU have been Forgiven,
for your Father Loves you so,
He can see the very best of you,
and YOU just need to see YOU so.

However much you think, again,
you're unworthy of His Love,
just keep looking up into the sky,
and remember God above.

You have been told,
so don't you doubt,
its only YOU,
that let's Love out!

Only YOU can let you down,
and sometimes when they leave,
when you think Love now has left the town,
its only you who grieve!

And when you grieve, darkness will set in,
and others believe the story that you tell,
so only 'YOU' are creating this plot,
and they'll end up in 'your' HELL!

Others only hear your story,
so why create it so,
horrid and so gory,
when you don't even have to go!

Anger chews inside your guts,
with dis-ease and hardening,
only Forgiveness is the cure,
and Jesus is Gardening!

Your body it is perfect,
God created you to Live,
it's only YOU who wants to go,
YOU no longer want to give!

YOU create the sickness in you,
YOU create the story of your woe,
YOU create all of the drama,
YOU wanted Him to go!

Him, is the Christ,
Him, is the Son,
Her, is the Virgin,
Her, is the One.

Fear that S/HE will leave you,
and if you only Live alone,
then you never have to worry,
that no one will ever phone.

YOU say that you're not lonely,
YOU say that you can cope,
cos it's easier never having to,
connect with those in hope.

There are people out there who Love you,
why wont you let them in,
all those years you hurt yourself,
so you would cover up your sin.

Sin is not within YOU,
sin creeps in when you let Jesus go,
sin will never leave you,
until you tell Jesus that you Know!
Only God, is the Creator,
only Jesus, won't let you go,
only Jesus, says He Loves you,
when you want to hear a NO!

Jesus lets you test your boundaries,
Jesus watches as you fall,
and only Jesus keeps you smiling,
while you're waiting for His call.

Remember, when you stood,
in front of God's own hand,
and repeated all the lines,
to keep you under Gods command.

Ex-spouses are a blessing,
please don't forget your Vow!
'till death do us part', so keep Praying,
Jesus is more, than the 'Power of Now'.

And if you are not welcomed,
again, within their doors,
then Know that they don't understand,
that God also sends the 'hores!

The people who will betray you,
the people who don't care,
the people who ignore them,
when they get lonely over there.

So never judge a person,
who's been sent to tempt you too,
for they only do God's bidding!
and they are a better YOU!

Life is full of Gods temptation,
when Love starts to be a liar,
its a fight YOU have to conquer,
to keep you from the fire.

Ladies who have hot flushes,
who is keeping your heart a flutter,
is it the man who packs your groceries,
or the movies handsome nutter?

Do you visualize holding his hand,
or perhaps you steal a kiss,
then perhaps you'll be more understanding,
when your hubby gets a little Miss!

Do you now long for a younger man,
to bring you back long lost fun,
and have you started now to notice,
your best friend is flirting with your son!

Do you sneak into a sex shop,
to purchase what your not oughta,
and do you recommend this work,
to your quickly blooming daughter? !

For every lady that you view,
in a state of porn undress,
will be returned to you, Yes Sir,
for God still likes to bless.

Your family may not understand,
from where this chaos it does come,
but every problem that you face,
was a result of that naked bum!

How can you learn to Love again,
that man before you now?
He's sitting on the sofa,
and snoring like a cow!

How can you learn to Love again,
that woman in your face?
She's nagging you to do the lawn,
there's never a moment of Grace!

It's easy when you ask the Lord,
to do the work for you,
it's easy when the both of you,
ask God to bring you to...

A page in a book written long ago,
Jesus was prepared to say,
''Love each other as I have Loved you'',
will return the Love that you pray.

Jesus died for your sins,
of looking at another,
Jesus died so you could live,
together, ....not with your Mother!

Remember when they looked at you,
with Love pouring from their eyes,
well, them eyes they have deceived you,
for looking at another's thighs!

So remember, when you feel the pull,
of passion in your peepers,
you have the necessary gifts,
and ask the Angels for goal keepers!

You have lids upon your eyes,
you have fingers for your ears,
you have free will in all your choices,
so why are you still living in such fear?

You fear your man may long for,
the charms of that young Mother,
and You fear that she may leave you for,
the larger bank belonging to your brother.

YOU are standing there before you,
facing each other in your fear,
YOU are the one YOU fell in Love with,
so thank your self for being here!

YOU seem to have forgotten,
your Father who brought you both together,
there is never even a spark of Love,
without your Father's tether.

And Jesus died so you can Live,
to learn 'How to Love' another,
and with all today's distractions,
your better living without a Lover!

See the Vicar now as Brother Jesus,
and know he's there to talk life through,
for when Life has started to bombard you,
there's a Bible made for you!

So now we start to talk again,
17 years further down the line!
and friendship is now a better option,
it's always been what's yours is mine!

You can only retain your energy,
when the Lord He is your guide,
when every word you speak is Truth,
then nothing within you can hide.

God allows the Love to flow,
in Truth from one to another,
and its only your own selfish control,
that stops Loves Peace from you to your Brother.

Do you think that God doesn't know,
when you look with eyes of lust,
your energy flow it starts to grow,
and is obvious to all the Just.

You cannot hide the Love you feel,
it is your duty though,
to focus on the one you Wed,
not on the one you'll never Know!

They are standing there in front of you,
with a heart bursting full of Love,
and your past it now has been forgot,
with God's blessing from above.

Your Word it is your honour,
your Word it is your bond,
if you cannot even keep your Word,
then your wishes come from a wand!

And Yes, God created wishes too,
to bring more joy to those,
who keep their vows and keep their Word,
and stop messing 'bout with 'ho's!

If I have touched a nerve here,
if I have told 'your' Truth,
perhaps you go home to your spouse,
and stop messing about with Ruth!

And if I have shown you how to Love,
your hubby once again,
then my time is not wasted here,
and I can run off on a train!

......but perhaps I'll stay here just to annoy,
you with more of my verse,
'cos with Jesus, it only gets better,
and with gets no worse!


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I always say forgive yourself then forgive other's transgressions.we are only human and people always make mistakes due to shortsightedness or greed or lust.the negatives exist in this world to teach us to appreciate the positive gifts life brings us...nice poem...

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