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Marriage Supper With Our Lord!

I Can't Wait! On the date! Believers meet!
At, Marriage Supper with Our Lord! All Adore!
When we all will have a seat, It'll be Sweet!
To be with Our Lord Jesus Christ! ! !
Do You have a Place? With, One Who's True?
Divine One! Who came to Save Me and You! !
If You don't know, What I'm talking about?
It's JESUS CHRIST! {The Giver of Life}
He's the Son of the Living God! This is True!
Accept and Believe in Him! Become Born-again!
Don't Doubt! Or try to Figure things out!
Just come to Jesus, Then You'll See!
By God's Grace! You'll have a Place!
At the Lord's Table! This is No Fable!
Come Celebrate! Marriage Supper With Our Lord!
It'll be Grand! ! ! So, Concord!
Where His Light will Shine! On All man-kind!
There will be Great Peace all the Time!
Everything So, Excellent! His Love and Grace!
Just to be! With Our Lord! Forever for Eternity!

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