VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Married In Dreams

Thinking that is you i mildly cuddle your pillow,
before i could realize, your feathery hand reaches my chest,
like the golden touch of Midas,
your touch rushes my hormones,
i hold your hand to my heart and kiss your forehead softly,
my hands they reach your hair and my fingers they intrude them,
i open our pink window to let the morning breeze tresspass you,
i reach the kitchen to make a cup of coffee to wake you,
i water our favorite rose plant of the roses that crown you,
and i reach the bed and hug you tight yet soft and sleep for a while.
When i wake up i realize i have lost you back in my dreams.
I have been living my life this way!
You will be with me there always!

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