Married In Heaven

Delight thou in every wayth, from that moment thou case their eye
upon thee heavenly loveliness archangel danced joy, thou in a
distant thou newth, their divine on has fulfill! Dusk hear before
thee stand thou missen piece, for thou felt a pleasure surge like
never before, and gaze uponth thy heavenly diva! Thou pierce
deep within thy eye, and seen thou seed within thee, as thou
emptiness began to fill land runth over with so much rejoicing! O
divine one marry thee to ye and never let thou wander aimlessly
again uponth thou earthen, in heavenly traditional though would
exchange ritual of vow, that seldom heard! This is thou will move
back within form were ye decent and dwell for evermore! And
thou shall, move within intrust and lend, thou divine heavenly
loveliness diva, and Beth their intimate forevermore. Married in

by William Clark

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