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Married Yes To No

YES and NO waltzing in ballroom, deists are both, but contradiction logical mutualoff premisesand offstage
Make them heat wave scoldingscull scullion pan banging incognito parallel lexicon,
Finalist Cognition mutual that Yes may well be simply a married No(conveniences, risk assets, attire beige)
They may dance a slow before express themselves in affirmative public‘NO' - Bookmark it and turnthe page,
You behold cathedral wedding YES and No -ascension to matrimony and afterwards to Heaven(gold urn)- no less
Systematic sublimated persistent insistence in annihilation of her, not mine convenient risk taken, attire already seen
Casuistic expertiseballerina, kinky hose in hand, attentivelywater down this vulgarneighing into kitty -kitty YES,
Rage eeriest expressed insonatina -may it strangely to them orifice my sound! - Dissent org dot dot com - armies of clown
Concertina hired part time, dirges are poppies -the war has begun but near the poem seduction conclusion-
Horny the Mr. Mrs. NO produced with olive wreath and ultimatumand ‘N ‘departed from the ‘O'
And Yes is not a devil's talk afar...
(well-paid ballerina, eeriest punk sonatina, part time concertina credits dot com.)


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