DO (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

Marry The Virtues That Breath In Them

Withhold not your wits from these sayings;
Rather, marry the virtues that breathe in them.
Let these lots be your cravings,
and of them, be a living emblem.

Commit not your heart to mundane matters,
for life's treasury lies not in its riches;
They'd someday be swept by wandering waters,
and forsake your heart in dreadful ditches.

I'll tell you this truth charge-free;
That you are a light to shine to all.
For even darkness needs light to see,
that it might not stumble and fall.

Live to be buried in the hearts of men;
Rather than be forgotten in a golden tomb.
Live to be told to coming children,
even to the flimsy fibers in the womb.

Above all, tame your tongue with the truth;
For a little lie, leads a lethal life.
Betray the baneful banquet of brute,
and settle peace in the stead of strife.

David O. Olusanya

by David Olusanya

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