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Mars Affairs-Business As Usual

Sanguinolent, thirsty Mars hordes arrow to the gates of dawn,
Where sentinel clergy mint pure golden Sun;
Lord oblige -nobility share sheer golden fleece,
Each day its ransom sum in silence dire hinted
Monetary absenteeism -relativism -zero credit awarded
The star of Magi is your creed, bank plastic on its knees?
Ops oppugn the probity of poverty - you are free to choose a gun,
Prefabricated mindset and mass production convoluted digit-
Noctambulism of horror guided, use preferable before Christ deduction,
An exquisite nocturne, Sir, to illicit peace -Wagner introduction-
Hell and Agnes slain at each and every door, salvation teaspoon,
Fork and porridge portioned lavishly - sir, at the sight ladies may swoon...
(Inventory meticulously cited -all costs are past to the almighty-
Public expenses and cuts)
No anguish, Sirs? At prodigal spendthrift,
God bless us then and by the way hereafter,
Mars weaponry negotiable -there's no doubt
Nobless and the Lord oblige...
Current affairs, business as usual
Peace and war,

notes: sanguinolent-bloody/
Ops-Class. Myth. goddess of plenty
nobless oblige-the moral obligation of the rich and highborn to display honorable
or charitable conduct/Noctambulism-somnabulism
Eno Sutraman of


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