Marsyas, Encircled 4 / Rampant - Pouring Out

Poem By Anja Utler

welted, bulges, fibres separated from the inside
hidden: that's how they wanted to generate prickle-cells,
corneal cells: spraying layers, they wanted to surround
what should be called: cords to be counted, the: bones budding,
on the blades on: spiny outgrowths and
they'll need to be peeled off and: should the stomach muscles be
coupled with rues, cowls, that lower, that raise the ribs
underneath: the lung, made tangible, basically a bundle
beset by the pumping air


peeled: they are sharp-edged, leaves: in the panicled rib-stems such
trembling - [sst] -
between the fingers on the flute's neck waving, shuddering, they sever:
the airstream split in two
- [ssh] - the rushes rustling the lips the panicles split, spilled: again
into one


Translation: Tony Frazer

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