I watch beyond my window warm,
The melting snows of winter’s storm,
On a pole a house is resting high,
Awaiting my feathered friends to fly-
From windows, perch, and morning light,
They soon all return from their winter’s flight.
Then we again fine neighbors will be,
Enjoying the Spring, my Martins and me.


by Gary Bryson

Comments (3)

It is so nice to read poems about birds I love them, I feed wild birds, my gardenis a home for all. this poem is just up my street just great cheers Sylvie
I love the neighbor idea and their house on the pole. It really is a classic! Brian
I cannot believe that there is no comments on this fine poem, as of yet! It is like as a classic. Keep up the good well inspired work Gary. Best regards-Mike Gale.