( / Ashland, Kentucky)


I will not give Marty the boot
Nor him will I harass or shoot,
If in any political office I want no person to stay
My vote will speak it loudly, on Election Day.
I don't know why a Christian could ever hold a grudge
The Bible states quite clearly, that God will judge,
But, in the yard I do still see that malicious sign
Wonder if it was hate, or jealousy that made the design.
I now wonder if the neighbors are worried or perplexed
Thinking, maybe a sign for them will be going up next,
I will never be accused of lying or slander
But, in our own closets, do we want others to gander.
When I drive by the signs I now just give a smile
But, for sadness and pity, and never for guile,
And when I pass Marty's house I will give a supportive toot
As I will not ever give Marty the boot.

Randy L. McClave

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