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MI (17th April,1970. / Chitral, Pakistan)


Poem By Mohammad Ilyas

Mary got to the east of Holy House
for fulfilling any need
When Gabriel appeared before her
in a perfect human breed

she was afraid and prayed for peace
if he possessed God fear
to remain satisfied he told her
as God had sent him there

he was as a messenger with goodnews
for her of a baby righteous
she said neither a man did touch her
and how nor being lascivious

he said that is right but God declared
is easy for him make happen
for people will be a special virtue
it is stated and a token

then Gabriel blew air to her collar
by then she was with pregnancy
she got far away from her people
getting the pain in distancy

suffering she came near a palm tree
preferred her death to her living
was provided fresh dates shaking stem
in her feet broke a spring

she with the grant of God Almighty
made to eat and drink there
having little Christ in lap she came
people blamed when did appear

been not her father and mother vicious
piety relation be acquainted
then spoke up infant Christ himself
to him finger when she pointed

he told being appointed as prophet
to pray to God and give alms
time from his birth upto his death
will be peaceful with reforms

God is pure and compelled to none
hell is for those doubt seeing
to bring to exist just orders to be
and that comes into being.

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