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Running through the forest,
my heart is skipping beats.
Logs and twigs and branches
seem to crawl under my feet.

Tripping into darkness,
my gaze falls upon you.
You are not near me,
but somehow I'm with you, too.

I collapse onto the banks,
and inside I scream your name,
Staring at the moving water,
I know I'm the one to blame.

I want this pain to end
but I did not succeed.
I'm tripping into darkness,
knowing it's you I need.

So I slip the weight in my pockets,
walking towards my death.
Staggering into the water,
I know you will never remember Marybeth.

Choking on my madness
I am beginning to fade.
Never to see the light again,
into the water I wade.

Goodbye my love, my dearest
I am quite near the end.
Maybe one day you'll feel my pain,
but for now, my love I send.

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