Away From Chaos

I have lost my heart
Somewhere to the wilderness
Of a dense forest
Where sound of city
Won't disturb my peace while
I take my rest

Sound of streams and
Song of birds will be there to
Keep me glad
Scent of wild flowers
Will give me new hope to live
And I won't feel sad

From din of a city
And perpetual struggle to win
And excel
I like to go away for
Ever though my body has become
Weak and frail

With bare earth below
And under the shed of trees that
Stand tall
I will live as a sage
Bleeding poems of love till I will
Get my final call

by Tiku akp

Comments (6)

When I was a teenager my Dad you to always ask why I needed to put my mask on when I would come downstairs with my face all made up. I always thought it was because I thought it made me look better. This poem suddenly brings up some unexplored questions so many years later. Nice reflective write.
Very thought provoking... yeah, what's the point of hiding your feelings or actions behind some mask? Great poem. _Love Kyle
How true: men and women wear a mask most of the time.
A poem that makes me think...why do we wear we really need..what are we trying to conceal...or reveal...a very interesting and wellwritten poem from you..I love it! !
Good poem I appreciate why girls wear makeup now.To mask their insecurity maybe.
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