dab a brush of coal black color
unto your pale and fragile lashes
once you put it on. you become
giggling, twirling, oblivios
no thoughts inside this desert head
dark mascara blanketing
fearful thoughts. sheilding
her worried soul

she is afraid. does not want to be
this girl who cries, doesn't understand
this girl who cannot find the exit sign
on her daytime nightmares

this new identity is safer, easier
to be.
shields her tear-stained cheeks. mascara for
her red-rimmed eyes. eye shadow for
her shadowed eyelids

make-up hides the truth behind her eyes
she is out of control but no one needs to know
how in her bed at night she cannot sleep
in day she is a flickering smile
laughs on cue
rolls eyes when the right words said
see how easy it is?

to be one shrouded by mascara
to exist as though nothing is wrong
to pretend I'm not falling apart
my cover soon to dissolve
mascara cannot cloud forever

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When I was a teenager my Dad you to always ask why I needed to put my mask on when I would come downstairs with my face all made up. I always thought it was because I thought it made me look better. This poem suddenly brings up some unexplored questions so many years later. Nice reflective write.
Very thought provoking... yeah, what's the point of hiding your feelings or actions behind some mask? Great poem. _Love Kyle
How true: men and women wear a mask most of the time.
A poem that makes me think...why do we wear we really need..what are we trying to conceal...or reveal...a very interesting and wellwritten poem from you..I love it! !
Good poem I appreciate why girls wear makeup now.To mask their insecurity maybe.
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