without reading,
without grasping,

we say; comment,
May possible,
with different angle,

why you bang?

Whole world is suffering,
with the same,

and on poem hunter,
I thought,
a learning platform,
a sharing platform,
no, i was mistaken..

very nice, well penned,
good write, amazing,
wow wonderful...
and at last
thank you,
read me too

no one likes criticism,
although they say,
hardest comment is acceptable,

inculcate the habit of learning, and teaching,
sharing and amending

otherwise what we are
as the world so we are

by Aftab Alam

Comments (3)

At last the evil is dominating in most of us with a mask to our missgeeds
That is the sad part, though people say they are ready for all types of comments and when negative comments are given in a positive way they take it negatively, All they want is very nice, very good, vow: (
we can learn to understand other views if we see the subject by their eyes nice poem