Mask Of Fear

They say that fear is dreadful.
They say that fear destroys us.
They say that fear induces only pain.
They say that fear is horrifying.

These are what they say,
But I tell you,
All these are just the outer mask of fear.

A society is disciplined. Why?
‘cause we fear the law.

A child listens to his elders.
‘cause he fears them.

You listen to your loved ones.
But of course,
People would disagree that fear is responsible for it.
They say it’s the power of love,
They say it’s coz of our love for them.

But think!
Why should we listen to our loved ones?
Is it just coz we love them?
No. I say no,
Coz again it is out of fear that you do it,
But fear for what?
You fear that you’d make your love unhappy,
You fear that you’d lose your love.

Fear prevents chaos is a society,
If it wasn’t for our fear for the law,
Our lives would’ve been in chaos

So open your eyes,
Perceive the term fear with care,
Coz many of you’ve failed to see what is behind the mask of fear.

A mask, if taken away,
Shows that fear is a guide towards discipline and justice.

by Vivek Kartha

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fear only alienates you from is a negative way which would'nt lead to anything positive