Masked Little Soldiers

Who was that little boy who
sat in the back of the class?
Or that little girl whose
classmates loved to harass?
No one seemed to notice the
way that they dressed.
Or the bruises that appeared
on the sides of their necks.
These children are soldiers who
fight every day.
They fight to survive and for their
lives they do pray.
My wish for that child who is
mocked or is teased
has faith that their lives will
be saved and at ease.
For once you lose your
faith or all hope,
you also lose your
ability to cope.
I cannot imagine your
pain or dismay,
but I pray that your incentive
is to live for today.

by Broken Wing

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Comments (2)

Sad and moving poem. Colin J...
Beautifully articulated. It touched one's heart.