AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Masked Philosophy

to all that comes of sensitivity

In times that have so passed
It seems so strange and true
How life unfettered swings
Uncanny and quite blue
When truth so altered stands
It brings some thoughts to mind
Embittered and so bold
Some thoughts to write - disband

As often as this seems
A quiet gentle race
Askance a newer look
Repletes the faster pace
When honesty so rules
With soulful rendered hue
A sullen thought just runs
Amidst the scene of rue

If angered by a feel
That stems within the mind
A careful time so spent
Unveils the cause unkind
Unwanton and to blame
Some ideas bent to rule
Unjudged there seems to rot
Some lacking right from school

Allow the change to rock
Upsurged and wondrous live
Unplug emotion blinds
Unsung in splendour dive
If man unhindered stakes
Some interests for mankind
A better life in turn
Shall really inter-bind

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