Poem By Emily Mylastname

My life it’s like a masquerade
Looking at the mask
I appear…
But what they don’t see
Is what I hide behind the mask
I am…
But the people I have met
They don’t know
About the mask
They think the mask is me
When the mask is on my guard is up
I don’t show how I’m feeling
Or I risk showing my true self
I don’t love
Or I might not be loved back
The mask shows
A girl who’s got it all together
But behind the façade is
A girl who’s falling apart
But you never see me
Because I won’t take the mask off
I can’t
Or I might just fall apart

(January 12,2007)

Comments about Masquerade

Great title... nicely done and so very true. Everything is a risk that we must take... We won't like it, but we do it just the same because at the end of that rainbow is what we seek. Have a good trip. Dan Hanosh Dreams Are Yours To Share
I can't tell you how many times I've felt the same way. Matter of fact, I feel that way at this moment. It's all a bunch of lies the things that we do. We put on masks beacuse if we were our true selves all the time, I don't think many people could really take it.

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