SNOW WHITE SWANS WHEN FIRST WE MET, THE FIRST LOVE I KNEW. And at times I still see you through the mirror of water, But then, I turn my head from the view. And as I look through the mist of my life, Life... is there life after such a charade. That's when I realized I kept my heart locked away too long, And tears almost eroded this form, Like the ocean does to all it surrounds. But now the golden rose warms the cold, opening closed lids... Then gives way to the pearl of night, While diamonds share their sparkling light. So no more days into nights, nights into days, All were the same - then. And now I know you wore the mask of deception, Not what you appeared to be. ...Naive Me... Now I see through different eyes, And now the snow white swan wears a mask, in the great Masquerade and dance of life... but not for the same design, But for the shelter I find. SO ...ON WITH THE MASQUERADE...

by Diana Dolhancyk

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