JC (6-19-90 / Omaha, NE)

Masquerade Of Fire

I know I don’t believe in love,
but can’t we just spend one night,
making love and sleeping in each others arms?
Because that feeling that I get
when I’m laying next to you,
is one of security and absolute perfection.
And I don’t want to lose it.

Tell me if I get on your nerves,
tell me if I’m so damn irritable that you
don’t want to be around me,
tell me if I dream too much of you,
because even though I can’t stop dreaming
constantly of you,
I’ll do my best to do whatever I can that you tell me to.

The words you speak to me,
like that you consider yourself lucky,
or the fact that you would love to fall asleep
holding each other,
ending the day with something beautiful,
and then starting it with it.
They go straight to my heart,
all those things you say,
they make me happy,
I hope that this never goes away,
and I especially hope that you'll
never turn away.

I’m just dying to be with you,
lay in your bed with you,
make love to you,
drive in your car with you,
make out in the rain with you.
I’m dying to be all yours,
so here I am.
Take me,
I'm all yours

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