JH (October 12,2007-I'm not dead yet / San Antonio, Texas)

Masquerading Pretenders

Let’s all parade
A masquerade
Pretend we’re not ourselves
Go down, you fell, and pretty elves
For all of you pretending

But for those who’ve seen first hand
What it’s like to feel like sand
Come join our group and sing with us
Don’t worry we won’t fuss
In fact, we’ll make you happy
Not like the other sappies

Hey I’m here!
Please don’t fear
We’re here for your protection
And we don’t do selection
The Cool group is here
Have no fear

We’re happy people with a smile
And though we’re just one aisle
I guarantee that you will see
How happy we can be
We’re not the Emos they say we are
In fact we’re very far

So please come see us
‘Cause in the end
you’ll see that we’re much better
Than Masquerading pretenders

by Jose Hernandez

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