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Massacre At Glencoe (Don't Trust A Campbell)

He shouted, 'don't trust a Campbell! '
Then he spat upon the ground;
'Don't trust a Campbell! '
Then on the table his fist he did pound.
And if you are a MacDonald;
And if you cherish your children and wife;
Then don't you ever trust a Campbell,
As they will betray you, and then take your life.

It was over three hundred years ago today;
In an area named Glencoe,
When kin and countrymen one man did betray;
And because of him their blood and fear did flow.
The english king wanted the death of a clan;
And he wanted their chieftain Alastair Maclain he did yell;
So he needed a man to kill every woman, child and man,
He then shouted! "bring to me Robert Campbell! "

Robert Campbell, he was a Scotsman;
Along with being the MacDonald's kin;
Their confidence, him and his family had won;
But, thick with him was not the skin.
The MacDonalds fed and lodged him for weeks;
As he and his troops were billeted at Glencoe
But, an advantage and wealth the coward seeks;
As he carefully picks out the weakness of his foe.

The Campbells they were all lowlanders;
They swore their oath to their brand new king;
Whereas the MacDonalds they were highlanders,
They were jacobites and so was their offspring.
The highlanders they stood for Scotland;
So, the Campbell's would murder them for that one reason;
As they had swore their allegiance to England,
So, they will kill the MacDonalds because of their treason.

Then came the night when all the MacDonalds were asleep;
The Campbell's murdered the innocent as they slept,
Women and child didn't have a chance to weep;
As the soldiers and the Campbell's towards them crept.
But, there were the soldiers who cherished their soul;
They broke their swords before the Glencoe Massacre,
Then they muttered, "don't trust a Campbell";
As only GOD, and not greed is our master.

The old man shouted, "don't trust a Campbell! '
As he looked upon his tartan thread;
Because if you ever trust a Campbell;
You will be used and you will always see red.
That night my family they ran and they escaped;
And that story to my father and to his they still do tell;
Over the innocent bodies the Scottish flag was draped;
So, "Don't ever trust a Campbell".

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Rudyard Kipling


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